*** Empower Pharmacy is now beginning to ship HCG again with the National Backorder in the USA from storms in Texas in February and other issues this medicine is now available again. If you need an HCG refill please message me here in the portal. 

I'm out of the office: 
May 10th, 17th, 21st, 28, 31st and June 1st - 4th and back in the office June 7th! Please plan ahead and let me if you need anything before that. 
I will be back in Whitefish, Montana June 9th seeing patients 
and back in Seattle, WA June 14th - 25th for pre-scheduled patient consultations in person - if you are being prescribed prescriptions you need to have an in-person consulation 1x per year with a physical examination on file with my clinic to continue getting refills of prescriptions especially hormone replacement therapies. 

Regular business hours are 10 AM - 5 PM PST Wednesdays and Thursdays due to my herbal medicine training on Tuesdays I'm no longer seeing patinets on Tuesdays at this time. 

You may request an appointment here through the patient portal for your visits. Please do this instead of asking me what my availability is this is frankly a waste of both our time. 

Please DO NOT message me asking for availability since this changes by the hour instead simply request an appointment time that works for you & is open in the schedule. 
Thank you! 

I look forward to our next visit and helping you to continue to achieve your wellness goals.

Also, please do NOT order supplements from Amazon dot com!
They have a problem with counterfeit supplements and I cannot vouche for them being the actual supplements they say they are or if they are safe. IF you do order off Amazon for your suppleents I am not responsible or liable if you get sick or are harmed by these counterfeit supplements.

Dr. Sam Madeira 

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